We are a product design studio.

We have contributed to companies
globally by designing solutions
that promote innovation within them.

According to the Design Value Index,

companies that integrate a user-centered design can:

Contributes up to


to the management capacity
for companies.

Contributes up to


to the visibility of the project

Exceed their performance by up to


Contributes up to


to improving the relationship of those
involved in development processes.

Better understanding customers or consumers

improves the profitability of businesses by enhancing
their products or services.

DSP Design Cycle

Our framework for product design aims to 

optimize development times and the reduction 

of cost, as well as to acelerate the 

time-to-market. This provent design cycle had 

helps us to develop products faster and efectively.

Roasting Pan

The Hagane Roasting Pan consist both the base
pan and an anti-spatter cover. The base, made
out of triply plate, give the pan all the benefits
from each of its composing materials…

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Branded Gaming Case

In the gaming world, hardware pieces are just
that, hardware. In this project our client wanted
to take the gaming experience one step forward
by gamifying the hardware experience as well…

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Chinese Massage Shoes

Patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy often
resort to the Chinese massage technique of the
branch of reflexology, which by applying certain
movements to people’s feet seeks to stimulate
different areas of the body…

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Success Stories

                  DSP was great to work with. They were very organized in their approach 

                  and kept me up to date with progress. They always responded promptly 

                  to any messages, and we had several internet meetings along the way. 

                  I felt they were really engaged with my project and did quite a bit of 

                  research around what I was trying to achieve. The project did take 

                  longer than I expected but there were several modifications needed.

              Industrial design 

              Louise B.

              Entrepreneur, Prince Henry Heights, Australia 

              Design for Manufacture Roasting Pan

Outstanding company. The results have been superb, and they consistently take extra steps to ensure my project is completed to my liking. I’ll be coming back for my next design. 

Engineering – CAD/CAM – Solidworks – Mechanical Engineering – AutoCAD

Colin D. Sleeper

Executive Director, Virginia US

Sleeper Cell Computers PC Tower




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